--- your resource for Atari ST menu disks

What's the purpose of this website?
I try to collect, test and spread all menu-disks made on Atari ST.

Why do you care about such old things?
Well, some people call it retrogaming, oldschool-passion, nostalgia... We are just dudes with a great interest for the Atari ST.

I have some menus disks you don't have. Can I contribute?
Of course, yes! I'm interested in all kind of ST compilations not listed on the site. Please note I have all menus spread on the Internet (ie, all Atari ST disks spread on Planet-emu, Emuparadise, etc.). But feel free to drop me a message anyway. If you want to reach me, just go to the Contact Page or visit Atari-Forum.

I downloaded a menu that is buggy. How can I run it?
All the disks offered here have been tested under several configurations (real machine and emulators). If you can't start a game, try another TOS, reduce the memory, deactivate the B: drive, play with the setup of the emulator... If the game still doesn't work, get it touch with me. I'll do my best to help you. At last, maybe the menu is damaged and I didn't notice it. Nobody's perfect ;) In that case, I'll repair it and I'll re-upload it here as soon as possible.

Why do you refer to Atari Legend's database? This website is not dead? Why didn't you use Atarimania's database instead of?
Well, you're right. Atari Legend is dead. At least, the project as it was started back in 2003 was abandonned around 2008/2010. But the database is still accurate and usefull. It's outdated (of course), but who knows what may happen in the next mouths...

When will you add D-Bug and Automation disks on your site?
I really don't know if it will happen. At the moment, I rather to avoid trouble and don't want to face conflict. If you want to download all D-Bug menus and a lot of Automation compilations (all verified), go to D-Bug Website.

Something else to add?
I would like to greet a lot of people who involved, willingly or unwillingly, to the development of this projet:
- Ricky (aka The Beast), who offered a lot of rare menus in 2001. He is probably the man without whom nothing would be happened.
- Alex/ICS for all the exchanges we made many years ago. Also many thanks for your advices about testing menus.
- All my friends in Atari Legend team: ST Graveyard, Silver Surfer, Maartau, Marcer, Mug UK, dungeon.master, Stratagem, Fred R, Doctor Bob Gordon, Shredder, CB, Champions 2002, Avenger, Klapauzius. It was a great pleasure to take part to the project and I hope everyone is well.
- Members of Euroswap (Darko, Archenar, Laurenzo...).
- People who sent a lot of rare menus. I especially want to thank Bodkinz, Jake/Depression, Spiny, Requiem, Lotek Style (TSCC), Grazey (PHF), Marcer (again), Mug (UK (again and again).
- People of NoExtra (hey Zorro2!).
- My good old friends of Equinox (Keops), Paradize (ST Cooper) and Cerebral Vortex (GT Turbo). Thanks for your great support!
- My girlfriend and my daughter, who supported me even when I was in a bad mood ;)