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May 15, 2021
Goodbye Stonish!
After 6 years of existence, this website is closing its doors. But it's not a real goodbye! If the decision to close this site was difficult to take, it is because it is worth it. Indeed, in recent weeks, all the menus available here have been integrated into... Atari Legend!
For those who didn't know, we co-founded Atari Legend almost 20 years ago with ST Graveyard and Silver Surfer, and then other friends joined the adventure soon after. My dream has always been to merge PaCigame (ex-Stonish site) with Atari Legend, but at the time, we didn't have the project completed.
Thanks to the great work ST Graveyard did on AL website a few years ago, and more recently to the complete overhaul by LynXX, the dream has come true!
Stonish has therefore been integrated to AL: you can therefore download more than 3600 menus there, and the database is growing day by day (thanks to Mug UK and Marcer for their great help). All of Stonish's menus are available for download, so absolutely nothing was lost during the transfer.
By this summer, Stonish will therefore completely disappear. I'll try to find a way to update the links coming from Demozoo and send them back to Atari Legend (I'm not sure how to automate the task, but we'll have to get started).
Thanks to all contributors who have supported me in recent years, the site has been a great adventure and I will not forget all the support that everyone gave me.
The adventure continues. See you on Atari Legend for even more menus and see you soon!
- posted by Brume -

August 29, 2020
Brief message before returning to work
Holidays are almost over, summer is coming to an end. Haven't posted a message for over a year. So, time has come to post some news:
- the site continues to grow and has just exceeded 3500 menus.
- Mug UK (Atari Legend) has recently acquired a whole lot of 5 "1/4 disks. Thanks to him, very rare menus could be found. Thank you, Mug UK! Thank you also to Tronic (Effect), Marcer (Atari Legend), Grazey (PHF), Lotek Style (TSCC) and all ST archivists who regularly help me find extremely rare menus.
- Thank you also to all those who spontaneously contact me, either through the contact form or through Atari Forum. I don't always have time to answer everyone, but your help and support is invaluable.
- for my part, I bought several hundred floppy disks all over the place. I found other menus (mainly French), but also cracks, intros and demos not found. As usual, the menus are downloadable here, while the demos and intros are on Demozoo, and the games are on Marcer's GameDVD.
- if time permits, I hope to reach 4000 menus by the end of the year. I still have a lot of floppy disks to sort and archive, not to mention the menus already archived and which will be available soon.
So stay connected and stay Atari!
- posted by Brume -

August 11, 2019
End of Supremacy upload
I'm just finishing to upload last menus by Supremacy that we imaged in June at the VIP. Just a few of them are lost, now. Here are the missing disks so:
#3, #12, #13, #16, #26, #27, #37, #41, #42, #55, #57
Have some hope to get some of them at the Alchimie party from Razaac. In the meantime, if you have some of the missing menus, do not hesitate to contact me. See you soon for other compilations and keep an eye on the site ;)
- posted by Brume -

July 04, 2019
More and more Supremacy menus on the site!
Finally! I was looking for them since 20 years... And I finally managed to get most of them. Guess what? Supremacy menus will soon be available on the site. Last week-end, we traveled to Thoissey (near Lyon) with Orion/Replicants for the VIP coding party. I met Razaac, the founder of Supremacy, who brought his collection of disks. After many troubles due to the heat (many hardware broke down, including mine), we managed to dump the very rare Supremacy menus.
As a teaser, I will upload one menu per day. There're more than 40 menus to add to the site, so come here everyday to discover a new disk... Or come back next month to download them all.
The story isn't over, because Razaac still has tons of disks to dump. We promised to meet again in a few months in better conditions (=better climate) to continue to dump his impressive collection. Stay tuned, we won't give up!
Thanks to my mates AD/MPS, Pump/MPS, Cooper/Paradize, GT Turbo/Cerebral Vortex and Orion/Replicants for their precious help. And of course, a thousand thanks to Razaac for the disks he brought ;)

- posted by Brume -

June 23, 2019
The Deliverance collection is nearly complete
Very cool! With the precious help of Poliyo Soft, we manage to fill the gap in The Deliverance collection. This Spanish crew produced many menus but they were very hard to find. Same donator sent menus #3, #9, #10, #19, #22 and #25. Also according to him, issue #24 was never released, but last menu was #25.
Only one disk is now missing: issue #14. He owns it, but some tracks were damaged. Poliyo Soft will ask a friend to image it with Kryoflux board. Maybe he'll can save damaged sectors... Fingers crossed!
Thanks again for your help Poliyo Soft. I wish a wonderful Sunday to all :)
- posted by Brume -

March 27, 2019
Rare FOFT menus have been found
Wow! That was a great day: our friend Marcer (Atari Legend & Elite) bought 18 kg of disks! Among them, he managed to find many menus and guess what? There were both rare FOFT menus inside! Marcer found a couple of Tripple H disks and one menu by an unknown team: Pepsi Crew. He also sent a disk by Timelords, but some tracks are damaged. It should be repaired very soon. Thanks again Marcer, you made my day!
- posted by Brume -

February 17, 2019
Back from limbo
After a very long period without news on the site, We are back :) Well, despite the lack of news, plenty of menus have been added since last year. We hope you have missed none. Thanks to all people who helped us recently to fill the gap: Marcer (Atari Legend/Elite), Xorf (Zuul), Boss (Zuul), Paskud, MagikGimp, Tronic (Effect), etc. But also thanks to all of you for your support in recent years.
Actually, we can work on Pompey Pirates disks. We received many messages about these menus, we know you are waiting for them a lot. Some of you even offer to send the disks. Pompey Pirates are very well spread and you can easily find them on the Internet. We got the whole collection almost 25 years ago, but there's a problem with them: if you take a look on PP #13 Part 4 disk A, you can find a tool that check all disks until #75. And guess what: many disks spread on the Internet aren't validated by the checking tool. In some cases, this is just a small file that is 'corrupted' (the Desktop.ini has been changed...) but it many cases, the problem is more serious. Since we try to get the most perfect collection possible, we decided not to spread the menus that aren't validated by PP disk checker. So, we are trying to find a better source. That explains we will upload the disks one by one, step by step, and you won't find the whole collection now. This takes time, but be sure we are doing our best to hunt for them.
OK, time to leave. We'll try to post more news in the next weeks ;)
- posted by Brume -

January 18, 2018
Happy birthday to the site!
So what happens since the last time? All menus by Flame of Finland/Superior are now online, like Mars Discs (versions 1 & 2) and... What? The site is now 3 years old!
The project started with 1500 disks and 3 years after, it now features 3000 menu-disks. Yes, the 3000th menu is just coming to be uploaded. This is the very rare Evil Force Util #1 and it was sent by Pugsy (thanks!). Pugsy also provided many other menus that will be uploaded in the next days.
Speaking of Evil Force, Jason Elite (main leader of the band) also sent yesterday night a bunch of 26 menus. Stay tuned if you want to download them: they will be online very soon ;)
Happy birthday to the site and thanks for visiting it. Also don't forget something huge will happen this year with Stonish... Well, can't speak: see you soon for more stuff!
- posted by Brume -

December 23, 2017
Merry Xmas to everyone
A lot of menus have been added since the last news about the site. At first, I'd like to send a gorgeous thank to Strider (MJJ Prod), who sent many rare menu disks recently. And guess what? The Mad Vision collection is now complete! Yes, Menu Z is now online! Thank also for Pulsion menus and this rare disk of Fuzion #24 v2. So, only both Fuzion disks are now missing (they are issues #74 v2 and #76 v2).
Thanks also must go to C-Rem, Maartau, Marcer, Tronic, Lotek Style and everyone who helped to find many rare menus!
Last but not least, I should receive early year a bunch of Zuul menus from Boss and Xorf: can't wait ;)
Merry Xmas to everyone and I hope to speak with you very soon for the 3000th menus on the site!
- posted by Brume -

October 22, 2017
Here comes another very rare game
Atari Legend found one of the rarest games ever made on our lovely machine: Arachnophobia. Yes, the game that was made for Amiga, PC or C64, was also ported on Atari ST!
Maartau removed the protection (thanks mate!), our friend Zorro2 of NoExtra coded the intro and we even managed to find an unreleased tune by Epic/TMS for the intro.
So we bring you this funny game:
Arachnophobia disk 1/2
Arachnophobia disk 2/2
ST Graveyard/AL also wrote a full review of the game. You can read it here:
Arachnophobia (review)
Enjoy and come back soon for more rare stuffs.
- posted by Brume -

October 01, 2017
Indeed! The new version Atari Legend is online! Games, interviews, reviews... All are there. But stay tuned because more features will come very soon! Thanks must go to ST Graveyard, who worked very hard on this new version. Also thanks to my old friend Silver Surfer for his precious help, and all other people who involved to the project.
And of course, don't hesitate to visit us:
- posted by Brume -

August 31, 2017
Some brief news: a bunch of Impact menus has been uploaded yesterday: thanks must go to ZX / Bad Boys Belgium for archiving them! He also sent a rare compilation by The Replicants and an uncommon menu by Cobra. Enjoy!
Don't know if you noticed it, but the set of Fanatics menus is almost complete. Rebel MC / FNT brought me his whole collection of disks and I've imaged all of them (not only FNT menus, but also sources, demos, games, tools and various menus disks by other crews). With his help, I managed to find some Zuul, Impact, FMCC menus. Thanks to him!
At the moment, I'm imaging another huge collection: Vixit of The Misfits Software gave his complete collection of disks, too! Hope to find more and more menus for the site, but also some games for Marcer's GameDVD and demos for Demozoo.
The site has reached yesterday the 2800th compilation. Hope to reach the 3000th one before the end of the year.
Last but not least: keep an eye on Atari Legend project. We should present something soon ;)
- posted by Brume -

August 10, 2017
Another long time without updating. Much has happened since the last time, and I will talk about it in the near future.
But this time, I come back to you with a big announcement: the team Atari Legend has released its first release for years! And the game is one of the rarest titles ever made on Atari ST: Le Siecle des Lumieres!
This game was produced by Ubisoft around 1990 and we suspect less than 10 or 20 copies were sold (sorry for the non French readers: the game exists in French only).
Protection removed by the brilliant Maartau! Thanks mate! Intro coded and designed by our great friends of NoExtra : Zorro2 and Mister.A. And original game supplied by me (who cares?). Thanks to everyone, this release is so cool!
This new release also means Atari Legend is not dead: as you have maybe noticed it, we've recently uploaded a new demo on the website, coded by Dyno of Exo7. A new version of Atari Legend is in progress.
ST Graveyard is working very hard on this new version of the website and we really hope you're going to love it. Can't say more, I promised to keep it secret ;)
Stay tuned, more releases on approach!
- Le Siecle Des Lumieres disk 1/2
- Le Siecle Des Lumieres disk 2/2
- posted by Brume -

April 05, 2017
What, two months without any update? Well, was really busy in the last weeks, but I've recently added a lot of The World's Picture Collection disks. These menus are very rare and were sent by Thys Elroy (creator of these disks) more than 15 years ago. So,big thanks to Thys Elroy! If you read this, please contact in me ;)
More menus by WPC will be available soon. Just need to check them as soon as possible.
- posted by Brume -

February 11, 2017
It has beee a long time since the last news, but the site is still growing. We've recently reached the 2500th menu. Recently disks added are menus by The Fallen Angels, The Biker/Euroswap, The Midland Boyz... Thanks must go to ZX/BBB for TFA disks, Darko/Euroswap for The Biker menus and everyone who contributed to the collection. Also special thanks to Grazey/PHF for having imaged Special FX #100B! SFX collection in nearly complete.
As usual, feel free to send a message if you have some missing menus. Enjoy and see you soon!
- posted by Brume -

January 01, 2017
Happy New Year!
All the best to all Atari fans and the others, of course ;)
As always, a lot of menus have been added to the site since the last update. Almost the complete collection of The Syndicate disks are now online. Also many menus by The Fallen Angels, the Empire and Ancient Celts (thanks to Lotek Style for sending them long time ago) have been added. There're more than 2400 compilations here and I'm currently adding Pompey Pirates (thanks to Grazey for identifying a tune on disk #11). More Pompey Pirates will follow shortly. Stay tuned and happy new year!
- posted by Brume -

November 27, 2016
Breaking news;) After 15 years of quest, I'm just coming to receive Mad Vision menu #A! A thousand thanks must go to ZX of Bad Boys Belgium who imaged and sent this menu! Now the collection of Mad Vision disks is nearly complete: only the menu Z is missing, but we never had proof it was done. So, if you have some information (even a small detail), don't hesitate to get in touch.
In the same time, a lot of utilities disks have been added on the site. You'll can find most of the Floppy Copy Crew disks, some Dodgysoft MIDI, etc. More rare menus to come in the next days. Stay connected and thanks again ZX, you made my day ;)
- posted by Brume -

November 14, 2016
Since the last update, ZX of Bad Boys Belgium sent more and more rare menus. Thanks a billion to him! This time, he archived many Tripple H disks (issues 50, 52 & 53), one Pulsion menu (issue 151), most of TSB Modem disks (issues 1, 2, 3, 5) two Factory disks (issue 1 & 3)... And one FOFT disk (issue 78)! Enjoy and see you very soon for more rare disks.
- posted by Brume -

November 08, 2016
ZX of Bad Boys Belgium, a new contact, sent both rare menus: Cobra disk #10 and disk #11. I'm really glad with them because I like very much these menus. Thanks to him. Stay tuned because many rare disks may come soon ;)
- posted by Brume -

November 06, 2016
Have added more than 150 disks since the last update. Mainly Lowlife, X-Static, Insanity, Mysterons and Gravatics menus... And today, a lot of Dodgysoft menus ! Oh, and you can find the complete Section One collection on the site, too. Best thanks must go to people who helped to collect these disks: Bodkinz, Mug UK, Requiem, Spiny... and all others.
As always, all disks have been verified and some of them have been repaired. If you find a faulty menu here, feel to contact in me. Thanks and see you next time.
- posted by Brume -

September 20, 2016
So here we go: the 2000th menu is now online. This one is very special: this a compilation by The Mersey Pirates. Who? Well, behind this mysterious name, there's Dal Snuffs, the man who then created G-Force. That's why The Mersey Pirates are included in the G-Force set: as explained on menu #20 of G-Force disks, they stopped to produce Mersey Pirates disks after issue #19, but they continued with the same numbering. It took me more than 12 years this kind of menu: a big thank must go to Mike D from Australia for sending me his own floppy disk!
A lot of G-Force disks will be uploaded very soon. Enjoy and see you on the next update.
- posted by Brume -

September 11, 2016
It's almost there! In my previous post, I was sure the site reached the 2000th menu. I was wrong because of a small mistake in the counter. The error is corrected now.
There's 1989 compilations on the site. The site should reach the 2000th menu in a few days. At the moment, a lot of menus by The Deliverance have been added. They are really rare and were sent by Scratchin (thanks to him!) more than 13 years ago. The Deliverance was a Spanish team who cracked and trained most of the games they offered.
Enjoy and keep an eye on the site ;)
- posted by Brume -

June 19, 2016
A lot of Shaolin Masters, Shaolin Temple, Syncro Systems, Northside and Blues Brothers menus have been added. Just a few Blues Brothers are now lost (#27v1, #11, #13, #14, #16, #22).
I'll take a small break to work on another project, but I will continue to add more menus as soon as possible.
Enjoy and happy father's day.
- posted by Brume -

May 22, 2016
May update: 20 menus by Timewarp have been added. Dr Bad Vibes (from Timewarp) sent them many years ago, so here they are. Timewarp had a great concept: they put similar games on the same menus. So there's a menu with soccer games, another one with breakout games, etc.
Many disks are still missing: If you have at least one them, please get in touch.
At the same time, Lotek Style posted some very rare disks he found on a CD-Rom. Thanks to him and to Rob Powell, who uploaded the ISO CD. There are menus by Taysiders, The Nephilim, Electric Blue...
Enjoy and see you on the next update.
- posted by Brume -

March 20, 2016
OK, let's go for the March update. Have recently added some Safari menus and one compilation by The Replicants.
Today, a bunch of The Cheshire Cats disks have been uploaded: there's now 19 compilations of the site. A big thank must go to Pugsy and Bodkinz who sent all of them. Now I'm looking for information about TCC: we know they were British, they belong to TBA and MSD of POV coded for them. If you have more details about this crew or if you know someone who knows someone... Well, get in touch ;)
Thanks and in see you soon.
- posted by Brume -

February 28, 2016
Here we go for another update: have added a huge lot of Evil Force menus. Evil Force was a Canadian crew mostly active between 1990 and 1993. You can now find 52 disks on the site. Thanks a lot to Jason Elite (leader of Evil Force) for sending me most of these disks more than 10 years ago. They weren't lost, my friend ;)
I still hope to fill the gap in finding the missing menus. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have one or two disks not listed on the site.
- posted by Brume -

February 03, 2016
Hi all,
As requested on the forum, I added some Out Of Order menus on the site. Thanks for the info about issue #2, MagikGimp ;)
Also Spiny recently sent Mantronix #10. It reminds me none of the Mantronix' menu were on the site. Have checked all of them: six menus are now downloadable.
Here are the missing Mantronix menus, so: #1, #2, #3, #7, #8
Thanks for reading and see you soon with more goodies.
- posted by Brume -

January 24, 2016
Spiny bought a huge lot of floppy disks. He found many menu disks made by an unknown team: Chaos Krew. After checking and repairing them, the disks are now on the site. You will find 13 menus by this crew (two menus still need to be fixed, so they aren't available at the moment). If you have more information about Chaos Krew, don't hesitate to contact us or visit the forum.
Thanks a lot to Spiny for this gift!
- posted by Brume -

January 13, 2016
Grazey of PHF has recently found some very rare menus. Thanks to him. Here they are:
- Pure Energy #22 (yes!)
- Now 5 #29A & Now 5 #29B

So, not so much Pure Energy' disks are now missing. They are: #1, #3A, #3B, #15B, #40A, #40B, #61B, #65A, #65B, #67, #68, #69, #71, #73A, #73B, #73C, #78, #80, #81B, #86 (last issue known: #86).
And here is a list of lost Now 5 disks: #1, #6, #10, #11, #12, #13, #15, #16, #17, #20, #24, #25, #28, #30 (last issue known: #31B).
Thanks for reading.
- posted by Brume -

January 01, 2016
Happy New Year 2016! Best wishes to everyone and long live to Atari!

Time to take stock: the site is almost one year old. Even if it hasn't been updated for several months last year, something like 300 disks have been added. It's still active and it now provides more than 1800 disks. A lot of things will probably change this year, but you'll see that in the next months (fingers crossed).

As a small gift for the New Year, 32 New Order menus have been uploaded. I started to collect them more than 15 years ago with the help of Bodkinz and The Beast. I received many requests to spread them on my old website PaCigame, but never found the time to check them.... until last week. All menus provided have been verified and two have been fixed.

The collection isn't complete, but you'll find a large part of the disks. Some New Order menus are still missing (#1, #25, #26, #29, #31, #33, #34, #35, #37) or damaged (#19, #28). If you can help me to find at least of these menus, please don't hesitate to contact me. Hope you'll enjoy. Thanks for visiting the site and Happy New Year 2016!
- posted by Brume -

December 26, 2015
Merry xmas to everyone! OK, I'm a bit late... No excuse, but last days were a bit hard.
We (Atari Legend) visited STNICCC2015 last week and it was a fantastic party! Thanks to Richard for the brilliant organization, everything was perfect!
Have added some Now 5 disks to the site as a very small gift. I'll try to put more menus on the site in the next days. Not sure which disks will be added, but I may have something in mind ;)
- posted by Brume -

October 25, 2015
Since the last update, many menus by Now 5 and The Public Enemies have been added. Most of them have been sent by Marcer, but also Spiny, The Beast (hey Ricky!) and Shadow242. More to come very soon.
- posted by Brume -

October 03, 2015
Marcer recently received a huge lot of disks. He found some interesting menus (FOFT & Tripple H), that are now on the site. Thanks to him!

In the same time, I got the complete collection of Marco's/HMD disks. I'm dumping them. Have found Pulsion CD Util 12. Thanks Marko!
- posted by Brume -

May 30, 2015
Site is not dead! I work since a few weeks on another project, which requires a lot of time. Can't say more at the moment.

Anymway, I've recently integrated a lot of FOF / Superior disks to the site. Also Adrenalin UK #1 v1 has been added a few hours ago (thanks to Grazey/PHF for imaging the disk). In case you missed it, Lotek Style/TSCC sent ST-Pirates menus in February. As always, more to come soon ;)
- posted by Brume -

January 24, 2015
Have added very rare menus by Corpo (member of Supremacy, Atrocity...). They were probably be done before he joined Supremacy. There is only both menus on the site, I don't know if more were made.

Now, I'm adding FOF / Superior disks. I know they are widespread, but they worth it (even if they contain the same intro...). Of course, it will take a long time because all FOF / Superior disks need to be checked as usual. I haven't found any damaged dump so far, but who knows?
- posted by Brume -

January 21, 2015
More menus added to the site. This time, almost the full collection of Bad Brew Crew's disks (aka BBC) has been entered.
Just both BBC menus are now missing. They are issue #8 and issue #9. If you have information about them, please get in touch with me or drop a message on Atari-forum. Thanks in advance :)
- posted by Brume -

January 18, 2015
Site is open! Well, it's still in "beta version", since many features are still missing. But the main part (the menu disks!) is there. So, Stonish offers more than 1500 compilations for Atari ST and you have a search engine to find anything you need. Many compilations are exclusives and weren't published on Internet until today. It means you can now download the fullset of Euroswap compilation disks (first one is #1000 and the last one is #933). The site also provided a lot of Special FX menus, Pure Energy disks, FOFT menus, and many more ! Well, time to discover it and speak with you later.
- posted by Brume -

January 17, 2015
The site is almost finished! Well, after some works with the CSS, it will be ready. I hope to open it tomorrow. I just have to play with the CSS. Also the FAQ and the Search Engine need to be updated. And last but not least, I have to add some BBC disks (don't think the collection will be online at the launch of the website).
- posted by Brume -

January 10, 2015
The site launch has been delayed. There was still a lot of work to do. But it now works very fine (have tested all pages on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer). Also the site seems to work fine on Android tablets, but it needs improvement in order to be really responsive-design.
- posted by Brume -

December 29, 2014
The page that displays all the content of the menus is ready. Now, I have to work on the page that lets the visitors choose the menu. I wanted the site to be open on January 1st, but I don't know if the project will be ready in time.
- posted by Brume -

December 26, 2014
The carousel is ready. Just need to update the rest of the page, so each thumbnail of the carousel will link to the picture in full size, the content, the download and the scrolltext. Need some work, but I hope to open the site in a few days (or weeks?).
- posted by Brume -

December 22, 2014
The site construction is still ongoing. The project was restarted after a long period of hibernation. It was decided to redo it completely. It will be more responsive design and the page of selection should be more user-friendly. In the same time, the database grows every day...
- posted by Brume -

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