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Here you can search for a game, a demo, a utility or anything else (music, picture, source code). Stonish Website uses two databases as a reference. The first database is Atari Legend's one (for commercial and PD games). The second one is Demozoo's database (for demos, intros and anything related to the scene).

Axel's Magic Hammer appears on Federation Of Free Traders #31

Axel's Magic Hammer [1 MB] appears on Shaolin Masters #1

Axel's Magic Hammer [Not TOS 1.02] appears on The Guardians Of Logik #25

Axel's Magic Hammer appears on The World's Picture Collection #72

Axel's Magic Hammer [1 MB] appears on Tripple H #11

Axel's Magic Hammer appears on Zuul #236

Axel's Magic Hammer appears on Zuul #17